Hello Dear Readers

It’s been an awfully long time, hasn’t it?

If you’re still around, somehow subscribed to my blog or related to me (hi family!), I think I’ve decided to start writing the blog again.

What does that even mean in the era of COVID-19? (Geez, how I hate hearing about that dang virus).

For now, I think it means I’ll go back and start exploring some of the travel I’ve done in the last year or so that I never wrote about. Trust me, I’ve been places. 

Are you guys ready? Buckle up.


Home Again

Hello Dear Readers!

If any of you are still here, you must be asking yourself: what happened to Carissa? Did she die or fall off a cliff or simply stop writing?

To that I say no. I’m still here, sans cliffs, and I’m still very much writing.

You see, June 3rd was the date of my last post. June 11th I began a new job. A new, full-time, salaried job, as a travel writer. I’m working remotely, writing about my passion, only this time I’m doing it on the world’s largest travel website- as a living!

I have tons of things written here, for you guys. I’m working on putting them up. And I’ll still post as often as I can (though perhaps more sporadically, as damn if it isn’t difficult to do everything all at once).

-Carissa “The Writer” Rawson