Hello Dear Readers!

This is what you guys have been waiting for. I know it is.

Me too.

My third day in Brisbane I made my way over to the Lone Pine sanctuary, home to lots of Australia’s native wildlife.

This would happen to include the beloved koala, which I promptly chose to visit.

Observe the many stages of ecstasy that holding a koala brings:

Warning: Removal of koala may cause intense dismay

They also had kangaroos, dingoes, and tons of different birds, but the main story here is that I held a koala and it was the best thing in my life.


Highly Recommended.

-Carissa “Can I Keep You?” Rawson

Brisbane- It’s a Small World After All

Hello Dear Readers,

After my auspicious start to Brisbane, you’ll be pleased to know that I spent an entire day moping around in my hotel room and ordering delivery food so I didn’t have to put clothes on.

People should write books about my travel skills, you guys.

Anyway, I mentioned Adam and Robbo to you guys in the last post. Now, I went to go ahead and add them on Facebook, when I found, to my astonishment, that Robbo and I already had a mutual friend!

Matt, one of my close friends from Jordan, is a fairly well traveled guy, and I guess this extends to random Australians that I meet in hostels, because there he was in dozens of Robbo’s photos. I guess they had taken a tour together in Europe, which was especially strange, because I’d seen all those photos a thousand times from Matt, and never once thought anything of the guy standing directly to his left.

Small world!

Anyway, day two in Brisbane was a wash, which was ok because just you guys wait for day three!


Carissa “I Know Basically Everyone” Rawson

Brisbane- Yer A Quizard, Harry

Hello Dear Readers,

Well. Here we are. A few short posts into my Australia trip and already we’ve come to an excellent example of how cool I am.

I hopped my flight from Sydney to Brisbane pretty late in the afternoon, which meant that I arrived to my hostel in Brisbane fairly late, (9pm? 10pm?)

Upon check in, I found out that:

1. I was going to be alone in my dorm for the length of my trip. (Yesssss)

2. The guy working the front desk was from Wisconsin, and he high-fived me upon learning that I was an American.

And 3. It was Harry Potter trivia night.

Now if you guys have been following my blog, you will have noticed that in approximately 40% of my photos I am wearing something Gryffindor related.

Do I even own other clothing?

Ok, yes, I like Harry Potter, but also I really just love those shirts…and that sweater.

The point is that I’m exactly who you want on your team during Harry Potter trivia night.

Thus, I dumped my stuff in my room. (Solitary bliss!), and headed straight to the in-hostel bar to kick some trivia ass.

Sadly, I arrived near the end, so I wasn’t able to put in for a win, but a few moments after getting there I managed to impress a few people enough (with my knowledge!) that they invited me to hang out with them.

I agreed readily, and we went over to a table, forming our very own team, which Adam (1 of the 2) cleverly named “You’re a Quizard, Harry.” Get it? Get it?

It was then down to business, and as they rattled off questions, I gave the answers, feeling smugger and smugger at all of my really excellent and cool knowledge.

It was about twenty questions in that I noticed that Adam and Robbo (the other guy) were staring at me in slack-jawed fascination and I realized that perhaps answering literally every question in the trivia contest correctly was maybe not the way to establish my cool credentials.

Too late!

After the trivia ended, I bade farewell to my new friends and made my way back to my room.

Just kidding. In truth, I told them goodbye, then stood around clutching my drink and chatting until I eventually gave in and headed out to a bar with a huge group of backpackers. Peer pressure, amirite?

Since it was like, a Tuesday, the place wasn’t exactly jamming, but we brought the party and I had an absolute blast dancing around and making a fool of myself.


I especially loved when the Cha Cha Slide came on and I danced the whole dance alone at my table since apparently that’s not a thing in Australia.

We closed the bar down and I headed happily back to my hostel, ready to enjoy a roommate-free experience.

Which was interrupted rudely at 8am the next morning when a girl came in and dropped all her stuff off before heading back out. And then again at 9am when the next girl came in, dropped her things off, and slammed the door when leaving. And again at 10am when the girl who cleans the dorms came in and vacuumed around my huddled form as I tried to pray the hangover away.

It was after this that I packed my bag, dragged on last night’s clothes, and slunk out with my sunglasses on to the Holiday Inn down the street.

Better luck next time?

-Carissa “Harry Potter’s Queen” Rawson